The last work by the great architect, Le Corbusier, stands in a beautiful location on Lake Zurich.

The “Gesamtkunstwerk” – or “total work of art” – by Le Corbusier, completed in 1967, is a real architectural masterpiece. The last building constructed by the great Swiss-French architect, designer, and artist is the only of his buildings to be entirely made from glass and steel. This is significant in that for Le Corbusier concrete was not simply a material, but an actual tool. In addition, with this colorful building on the shores of Lake Zurich, Le Corbusier realized his concept of the synthesis of architecture, life, and art in real life. The exhibition pavilion is designed entirely according to the Modulor system, an anthropometric scale of proportions devised by Le Corbusier based on the human body and the golden ratio.

The pavilion is open from May to November. Under the aegis of the Museum für Gestaltung, temporary exhibitions, events, and workshops look at various areas of the broad oeuvre and great charisma of Le Corbusier.