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Everything revolves around the one word: «Omakase» – translated: «I leave it up to you». This term expresses that you leave it up to our chef, Atsushi Hiraoka, to decide which dishes he will serve you. This type of cuisine is revered in Japanese culture and arouses curiosity. At the counter of the restaurant, Atsushi Hiraoka prepares his specialties in front of his guests, creating an experience for all the senses. Fittingly, the restaurant name MIKURIYA which means «kitchen where food is prepared for special guests». Immerse yourself in this world and be surprised.

The restaurant has been awarded 16 GaultMillau points.


«Omakase» – translated: «I leave it up to you». At dinner in the MIKURIYA restaurant, chef Atsushi Hiraoka enters into a culinary dialogue with his guests and gives free rein to his innovative and artistic talent. Eggs, fish and meat are lovingly shaped into kappo-style sushi right before the guests’ eyes as the chef reveals one or two of the secrets of Japanese cuisine.

Upon request, sake, shochu or Japanese beer are offered to accompany selected courses. It is the perfect accompaniment to this traditionally light cuisine, which focuses on the delicate original flavours of the ingredients – particularly in the case of sushi – and contains the subtlest of seasoning.


Exclusive dining experience - Space in MIKURIYA restaurant is limited to 8 guests.

Dietary Restrictions: We may be unable to accommodate all dietary restrictions that compromise menu standards. Please contact us at before your reservation.
Wednesday to Saturday
From 7.00 pm
Sushi Chef Atsushi Hiraoka

Atsushi Hiraoka

With over 30 years of experience spanning Japan and Switzerland, this gastronomic multi-talent has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of Sushi Chef Atsushi Hiraoka’s dishes and discover the extraordinary fusion of Japanese and Swiss culinary traditions. Welcome to a new era of gastronomic delight at the Dolder Grand—where innovation meets tradition and the artistry of «Omakase» takes center stage.

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