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The Dolder Grand


Discover the latest news, interviews and stories from the exclusive world of the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich.

In addition to the monthly lifestyle editorials, the Dolder Grand surprises with over 100 famous works of art by what are probably the best-known modern artists of the history. Enjoy the selected art, curated by Gallery Gmurzynska, in the architectural masterpiece of Foster and Partners’.

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Ronan Keating and his commitment
Mel Ramos, “The pause that refreshes”, 2008, varnish on resin, 53.00 × 53.00 × 15.00 cm
Takashi Murakami, «Peaked cap», 2002, steel, resin, fiberglass, paint, sand
Duane Hanson, «Traveller», 1985-1987, fiberglass, found clothes, hair, wooden sticks
Works of art from all over the world

From Salvador Dalí to Jean Tinguely: art at the Dolder Grand

Since the reopening of the Dolder Grand in 2008, over 100 works of art by prestigious artists have graced the premises of this luxury hotel in Zurich.
From Takashi Murakami, Salvador Dalí to Jean Tinguely, the hotel surprises with a wide range of the most famous modern artists.
Experience art at the Dolder Grand with our art iPads or simply enjoy using your mobile phone and the QR-Codes right next to the pieces.

The majority of the works of art are displayed in the public areas of the Hotel and are accessible to all guests.

Bob and Roberta Smith, “I believe in Mel Ramos”, 1996, paint on wood, 43.00 × 78.00 cm
Art iPad

A wholly modern art tour guide

The Dolder Grand offers its guests an art iPad to guide them through the artworks on display in the Hotel. The iPad contains information on numerous works of art by international artists, and is available from reception. iPad users can sort the list by work or by location, find out more about the artists, and access a map showing the positions of the works.