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In the here and now

“Meditation of the Senses” will take care of all five senses.
This holistic approach increases your chances of reaching the destination where happiness awaits.

Humans often stand in their own way. They either keep thinking about things they could have done differently in the past, or they constantly contemplate what they want to do in the near and far future. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with reflecting on the past and future – in fact, it’s vital for your mental health.

However, contentment and even happiness can only be found in one particular moment: the here and now. Since people are sensitive beings, the best way to go about this is naturally by tackling all fives senses. This is the approach behind “Meditation of the Senses”, as explained by qualified yoga instructor and meditation course guide Birgit Stoll.

Rediscover your everyday

After a brief explanation of what awaits you during the next hour, you head barefoot into the Meditation Room. This walk is also a first exercise in mindfulness. By walking deliberately slowly, you can concentrate on the different loads on your feet while you move.

A mat with a meditation bench, a lit candle and further tools to aid you during the treatment await you in the Meditation Room. Inner peace begins to set in with the very first exercise. Any background noise you were still aware of at the start, here begins to blend into the whole – you become part of the here and now. You will then be led through various meditation techniques and breathing exercises that will touch on your senses: the candle for sight, an aroma for scent and a herbal mixture for taste.

Dolder Grand Meditation Room

Everyday relaxation

The treatment concludes with pine sound pads, which attend to your senses of hearing and touch. While your hands and feet are stimulated through vibrations, you can enjoy the calming sounds of twittering birds and rushing waves through the headphones. The treatment is based on the patented Swave technology, which relies on the power of isochronous tones. These are tones in a specific frequency sequence that put the brain into a deeply relaxed state through audio resonance.

After an hour, “Meditation of the Senses” is complete, leaving you feeling reborn. With a relaxed mood and sharpened senses, you can let everyday life come at you.

However, the real challenge is just beginning. After all, no matter how relaxed you feel, everyday life usually catches up with you quickly – but there’s no one stopping you from practising the exercises you have learned here on your own. That is precisely the idea behind “Meditation of the Senses”. The breathing and meditation exercises you learn are easy to remember and to integrate into your everyday life. “The more often you put your mind into a calm, centred state, the easier it becomes to recall this state even in stressful situations”, says Birgit. “Meditation of the Senses” therefore lays a foundation for your ability to come back to yourself time and again in the future.

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