The Dada art movement began in Zurich. Today, you can still find traces of Dadaism throughout the city.

The Dada art movement began in 1916 in the heart of Zurich’s historic district. Dadaist friends of Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings met in Cabaret Voltaire and from here the ironic and vocal artistic group took over the world.

The Cabaret Voltaire is the birthplace of the world-famous Dada movement, which started in Zurich in 1916. In the middle of the First World War, Dada awakened the desire to question the present with new and surprising forms of artistic performance, expressed through music, literature, dance, and painting.
To this day, the artists’ locale continues to serve as a platform for contemporary art and debates by holding exhibitions and soirées.
During the day, visitors can read and work in the historical hall. In the evenings, the place is transformed into a bar, where lively parties are held.
In the entrance area is the Dada library and the display area of CV Books.