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Private events in Zurich

The Dolder Grand in Zurich offers attractive facilities for gala events, balls and private celebrations with perfect views over the city and the mountains. Depending on the time of year, number of guests and type of event, we offer attractive specials at the Dolder Grand. These combination offers include everything you need for a successful gala event.

For the happiest day

Celebrate the most precious moments of your wedding at the Dolder Grand. Regardless of how many guests you plan to invite, we can provide the perfect location and take care of every last detail, leaving you with nothing more to do than enjoy the happiest day of your life.

Our wedding offer

Evening events
The complete package for celebrations

Our Banquet Dinner Selection is the ideal package for galas, balls and private parties for 20 people or more. It includes everything you could possibly need for a fantastic evening and allows you to plan the details.

Banquet Dinner Selection

Drinks and cocktail receptions
Socialise in stylish surroundings

Are you planning an informal and intimate gathering with friends or family? Whether it is the end of your evening or the beginning of your night, the Dolder Grand provides a stylish setting for your next drinks or cocktail reception.

Cocktail above the City

Grill buffet

Whether it’s a birthday, a summer celebration or a family gathering, – enjoy our exclusive barbecue buffet from the grill!

For CHF 155.00 per person, you and your guests can enjoy delicious barbecued specialities with a selection of salads, dips and desserts.

The offer is available from 20 persons.

BBQ buffet

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New Year's Eve party

Flowers for every event

Spectacular flower arrangements are one of the Dolder Grand’s truly unique design elements. With their expertise and creativity, our team of florists can produce exquisite flower arrangements that lend your event a touch of natural beauty.

Ballroom decoration