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Relax treatments


Organic Urban Skin Facial by Amala

Specially developed for sensitive skin that suffers from the influences of free radicals, this energising facial containing 100% natural ingredients offers support for your skin’s own protective barrier. Thanks to the unique combination of yerba santa enzymes, vitamins and proteins, it provides you with a strong, glowing and youthful skin structure.

60 minutes
CHF 210.00
90 minutes
CHF 260.00

Hydraheaven by Dr Burgener

This treatment begins with a refreshing foot bath and scrub. A dry scrub for the whole body then follows, activating the circulation and allowing for improved absorption during the moisturising treatment. In the waterbed, you will experience a feeling of total weightlessness. The experience for all the senses is rounded off with a meridian massage, mini-facial using a Rejuvenating Royal mask, rich in royal jelly and honey extracts, and finally a foot massage.

90 minutes
CHF 260.00
Bath ritual

Organic Bath Ritual by Amala

Using a dry brush, dead skin particles are removed and the skin’s circulation is stimulated. Apricot kernel oil, amino acids and fig extract in the bath visibly enhance and strengthen the skin’s structure and soothe sensitive, dry and demanding skin. In the meantime, you can enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. Only available with a subsequent Organic Aroma Massage by Amala.

30 minutes
CHF 70.00