Health and safety measures


The health of our guests and employees is our highest priority. We strictly comply with the advice and instructions of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and keep our staff and guests constantly informed of the latest developments.

For the safety of our guests and employees we have adjusted our services and implemented a wide range of safety and hygiene measures.


All about the current status and the hygiene measures

Tailored treatments and massages

All of our treatments are designed and carried out by professionals and based on our Dolder Grand Life Balance programme. They range from facials, body scrubs and wraps to bath rituals, massages and endermology treatments. You can book all of our massages as a couple’s treatment and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation side by side at the Dolder Grand Spa in Zurich.

The Dolder Grand Life Balance

Revitalising balance

Each one of us has a unique situation in life, which means we all have different requirements when it comes to relaxing and finding inner balance. That is what the Dolder Grand Life Balance is all about – four packages that are tailored to help you deal specifically with the stresses of your everyday life.


Beauty treatments to boost your well-being

Beauty on the inside and outside is the most important factor in achieving overall well-being. The selected treatments regenerate your skin and provide it with the nutrients it needs.


Your Beauty day

– The Art of Beauty by La Prairie (90 min.)
– Caviar Massage by La Prairie (60 min.)
– Lunch including a beverage in the Spa Café
– Use of the Dolder Grand Spa (4,000 m²)
– Surprise gift

CHF 430.00

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  • Derma Boost Facial by Dr Burgener

    Thanks to the excellent Swiss anti-aging ingredients, this treatment is ideal for skin types that
    require regeneration. A cavitation peeling removes the top layer of skin cells. Thanks to the VitaSkin ultrasonic technology, the oxygenating collagen gel penetrates the skin at a cellular level with an intensive dose of nutrients and gold trace elements that repairs and rejuvenates it.

    (90 min.) CHF 350.00

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  • Honey Delicate Scrub by Dr Burgener

    This treatment with exfoliating particles from Swiss apricot kernels is ideal for sensitive skin. Thanks to the use of Swiss honey, the skin feels velvety, relaxed and cleansed. Only available with a subsequent custom massage.

    (30 min.) CHF 110.00

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  • The Art of Beauty by La Prairie

    Experience the promise of timeless beauty in the exquisite The Art of Beauty treatments. We will be happy to help you choose your very own personal skincare ritual.

    – Caviar Lifting and Firming Facial for an immediate tightened and toned effect
    – White Caviar Brightening and Firming Facial for even, illuminated skin
    – Revitalizing and Perfecting Radiance Facial for an enhanced glow

    (60 min.) CHF 210.00
    (90 min.) CHF 260.00

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Active relaxation – enjoy the tranquillity

Take the time to consciously enjoy the day and find inner peace and serenity. With these treatments, you can relax and forget everyday life.


Your Relax day

– Organic Urban Skin Facial by Amala (60 min.)
– Organic Aroma Massage by Amala (60 min.)
– Private yoga or meditation session (60 min.)
– Lunch including a beverage in the Spa Café
– Use of the Dolder Grand Spa (4’000 m2)
– Surprise gift

CHF 480.00

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  • Organic Urban Skin Facial by Amala

    Specially developed for sensitive skin that suffers from the influences of free radicals, this energising facial containing 100% natural ingredients offers support for your skin’s own protective barrier. Thanks to the unique combination of yerba santa enzymes, vitamins and proteins, it provides you with a strong, glowing and youthful skin structure.

    (60 min.) CHF 210.00
    (90 min.) CHF 260.00


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  • Hydraheaven by Dr Burgener

    This treatment begins with a refreshing foot bath and scrub. A dry scrub for the whole body then follows, activating the circulation and allowing for improved absorption during the moisturising
    treatment. In the waterbed, you will experience a feeling of total weightlessness. The experience
    for all the senses is rounded off with a meridian massage, mini-facial and foot massage.

    (90 min.) CHF 260.00


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  • Organic Bath Ritual by Amala

    Using a dry brush, dead skin particles are removed and the skin’s circulation is stimulated. Apricot kernel oil, amino acids and fig extract in the bath visibly enhance and strengthen the skin’s structure and sooth sensitive, dry and demanding skin. In the meantime, you can enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. Only available with a subsequent Organic Aroma Massage by Amala.

    (30 min.) CHF 70.00


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Focus on fitness

Awaken new energy and get active. These offers put fitness and vitality centre stage and give you strength and youthful vigour for the entire day.


Your Vitality day

– LPG® Lipomassage™ Endermologie® or sports massage (45 min.)
– Personal training session or fitness and body composition analysis (90 min.)
– Lunch including a beverage in the Spa Café
– Use of the Dolder Grand Spa (4,000 m²)
– Surprise gift

CHF 420.00

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  • Intense Glow Facial by Dr Burgener

    The top layer of skin cells is removed during the microdermabrasion, which is effective in treating hyperpigmentation and skin aging caused by environmental and genetic factors. Advanced
    ultrasonic technology is used to boost the production of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin appear firmer. It is followed by a collagen mask that works instantly to give your skin a radiant complexion and shine.

    (90 min.) CHF 350.00

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  • Ultimate Rejuvenating Platinum Night Elixir Facial by La Prairie

    This treatment includes La Prairie’s most effective rejuvenating elixir: the Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir. Thanks to the combination with the Platinum Rare Cellular Cream, your skin will feel more youthful than ever with a rejuvenated, flawless appearance. This treatment can be
    enjoyed at any time of day.

    (90 min.) CHF 350.00

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  • Endermologie® with LPG®

    Thanks to intelligent stimulation, your skin and figure are capable of unbelievable changes.
    This treatment applies a non-invasive technique for mechanical skin stimulation that allows
    for a natural reactivation of cell metabolism. We therefore recommend doing sports on the same day, after your endermology treatment. You will already see visible results after three sessions.

    (45 min.) CHF 160.00

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Relax and detoxify your body

Treat your body to a break and come to terms with yourself. These selected programmes promote detoxification
and support your weight loss.


Your Detox day

– Organic Spa Clinical Facial by Amala (90 min.)
– Body ritual with Algae Drainage Wrap by Dr Burgener and custom massage (60 min.)
– Lunch including a beverage in the Spa Café
– Use of the Dolder Grand Spa (4,000 m²)
– Surprise gift

CHF 440.00

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  • Organic Spa Clinical Facial by Amala

    Biotechnology of the very highest level – organic wakame enzymes and the latest generation of
    fruit acids have been clinically proven to illuminate the skin, leaving it smoother than before, totally cleansed and with a youthful elasticity.

    (90 min.) CHF 260.00

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  • LPG® Cryofit by Dr Burgener

    A one-of-a-kind combination treatment to reshape your figure. The LPG® Lipomassage™ stimulates the adipocytes to reactivate the natural breakdown of fat. The skin is refined and tightened. The cooling Cryofit lotion stimulates lipolysis.

    (90 min.) CHF 330.00

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  • Swiss Salt Crystal Scrub by Dr Burgener

    Salt from the Swiss Alpine Bex salt mines is part of this energising scrub that is rich in therapeutic minerals. This treatment purifies and regenerates tired skin. Only available with a subsequent custom massage.

    (30 min.) CHF 110.00

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  • Algae Drainage Wrap by Dr Burgener

    This pack contains algae from Brittany’s Atlantic coast that are renowned for their remineralising and detoxifying properties. Enjoy a mini-facial consisting of cleansing and a mask during the treatment time. Only available with a subsequent custom massage.

    (30 min.) CHF 110.00

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Haute Couture concept

Innovative technology

In a world where timeless beauty takes precedence over everything else, Dr Burgener Switzerland has developed the Haute Couture concept, which uses innovative technology to provide you with a personal beauty experience. After carrying out a comprehensive analysis of your skin, we can determine the specific treatments and develop made-to-measure products, thus ensuring that they are perfectly suited to improving your skin.

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Treatments for exclusive experiences

At the Dolder Grand Spa, we pamper you with a wide range of exceptional and exclusive massages.
Couples can also enjoy all massages together, side by side.

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Nail grooming & make-up

Soothing treatments from head to toe

Sit back and enjoy a break at the Dolder Grand Spa or in our Nail Lounge. Whether as part of a classic treatment or during a comprehensive pampering programme – here you can find our offers for impeccable hands and feet as well as make-up suited to your personal style.

Nail grooming offers

Spa Suites

Your exclusive spa experience

Both of our Spa Suites offer absolute privacy and a unique range of additional services. Whether you have booked a treatment or not, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with candlelight and floral decorations.

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Spa specials

Side-by-side indulgence

Treat yourself to some pampering and enjoy luxury in all its forms. An oasis of calm for all those who know how to enjoy themselves and who love to relax, who want to feel pampered and daydream. Discover our special offers at the Dolder Grand Spa.

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