Heiko Nieder and Globus

Enjoyment at home

Our Chef Fine Dining, Heiko Nieder, has created an exquisite 6-course dinner as part of a Christmas promotion for Globus. To allow passionate hobby chefs to also cook these dishes at home, Heiko Nieder has already prepared a number of ingredients in advance. You can purchase these products here at The Restaurant or at reception, as well as at all Globus stores in the ***delicatessa section.


This specially created BBQ sauce is prepared with Japanese Umeboshi plums and will give your meat dishes an interesting kick.

CHF 9.90

THE Lemon Salad

This lemon salad in a glass is the perfect refreshing accompaniment to lobster dishes.

CHF 10.90

THE Salt Mix

This magic salt mix, from a secret recipe by Heiko Nieder, will round off your dishes to perfection.

CHF 11.90

THE Mango Mustard

This fruity mango mustard brings a fresh, fruity and slightly sharp note to your meal.

CHF 11.90

THE Bread

With this baking mix, you can enjoy crusty home-baked bread by Heiko Nieder fresh from your own oven.

CHF 11.90

THE Chestnut Chocolate

Use this sweet chestnut chocolate to create wonderful desserts, or simply enjoy it on a slice of freshly baked bread.

CHF 11.90

THE Stocks

With these stocks from the Heiko Nieder Collection, you can enjoy the ultimate in fine dining in your own home.

THE chocolates

Enjoy these home-made chocolates by Heiko Nieder in your own home. The popular creations macadamia nut and popping candy, salt and caramel, roiboos and vanilla, blackcurrant and violet, and chicory and malt, are available in sets of three different sizes.

5 chocolates, CHF 14.50

10 chocolates, CHF 28.00

15 chocolates, CHF 40.00

THE Heiko Nieder Collection Box

A gift for gourmets

Are you looking for a very special gift for the passionate gourmet in your life? We have gathered together all the products from the Heiko Nieder Collection in a gift hamper for you.

CHF 129.00


6-course menu to enjoy at home

Sample Heiko Nieder’s outstanding cuisine, which has been awarded 18 GaultMillau points and 2 Michelin stars, in your own home. With this 6-course gourmet menu put together by Heiko Nieder as part of a promotion for Globus, you can impress your guests with your hobby chef skills. Some of the individual components of the menu are available as ready-made dishes.

Conjure up an unforgettable culinary surprise for your guests.

Find the recipes here (in German).