Dolder Grand Moments

So close to the sky

It was the same light. Like on that morning almost precisely two years ago. The first day of an international business meeting that her company hosted at the Dolder Grand. It was the first time she stayed in Switzerland. Yet that was not the only reason she felt that something special was awaiting her when she stepped out onto the balcony.


The view she found spread out before her was overwhelming: the awakening city at her feet, the expanse of the shimmering lake and the majestic Alps in the distance, bathed in the wonderful, brilliant light of the early summer sun. At that moment, standing on the terrace of her suite after breakfast, she remembered that light and the special feeling it inspired in her. And still couldn’t believe that she was back at this wonderful location. Together with Mike.


Passenger wanted

They shared not just her love of Switzerland, but also of the Dolder Grand and its special ambience. During supper two days before, she had told Mike about this special moment on the balcony and about her desire to see the mountains not just from a distance. This morning, she discovered the note attached to the bathroom mirror: “Passenger wanted for an exclusive excursion to the mountains! No application needed, simply climb aboard!”



And now they would shortly be departing, the guest car was ready and Mike came to her on the terrace. “Shall we?” They glided along the shores of Lake Zurich to the sound of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”, the open sunroof providing views of the cloudless summer sky, and sometimes the road brought them so close to the lake that they could literally smell the water’s freshness. Shortly thereafter, at the end of the Glarus valley, began the Klausen Pass crescendo, which brought them higher with its numerous curves.

«What a pleasure to experience the beauty of this landscape in the comfort of the guest car. »

How difficult it must have been in the past for people to cross this pass. And, by contrast, what a pleasure it was to experience the beauty of this landscape together with Mike in the comfort of the guest car. This alternating lush flora and bare rocks.



Mike pulled over to the side of the road at the top of the pass – “Being this near to the sky, I think we should spend a little time here enjoying it” – and fetched the picnic basket and blanket from the car boot. Nestled in a summer-scented, green Alpine meadow he served her – Lebanese meze. “Didn’t you say you liked the unusual …?” She could have spent the whole day here with Mike. But he wanted to introduce her to an important Swiss legend.

«A special meal is waiting for you at the Dolder Grand.»

One hour later, they were standing at the impressive monument of the national hero Wilhelm Tell, who shot an apple from his son’s head to secure the freedom of the country. With a smile, Mike handed her an apple: “I hope you are hungry. A special meal is waiting for you at the Dolder Grand.” On the journey through the picturesque scenery, they were enthusing about Switzerland’s beauty, marvelled at Wilhelm Tell’s hipster beard and recalled the moment they first met at the business meeting at the Dolder Grand two years ago.



The evening had already immersed the garden terrace in a warm light. Mike led her to the table at which they had dined together after the first day of that meeting. In her seat was a small velvet jewellery box and a postcard. On the front, there was a panorama of the Alps; on the back, in Mike’s beautiful handwriting: “Shall we?”