Garden Salons

The three Garden Salons in the Main Building are situated next to each other and can be joined to cover a total area of between 120 and 400 square metres. The ceiling-high windows fill the rooms with light. The Salons offer direct access to the terrace and wonderful views. Offers


Function roomm2 ft2CHF BanquetCocktailCongress Classroom Concert
Garden Salon 11591,7101'600.0010020012070120
Garden Salon 2 1261,3501'400.0060130905090
Garden Salon 31201,2901'400.0060130905080
Garden Salon 1+22873,0903'000.00190300210120230
Garden Salon 2+32482,6702'800.00160270180150230
Garden Salon 1+2+34094,4004'400.00270460300200360


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